1. Can I post an ad if I do not have an account?
No, you can only view ads, view phone number, shear on all social network or e-mail ad to friends. You have to register before submitting an ad.
2. What's the use of having an account?
This is the only way to have your ad posted on Iruafia. If you only need to view ads, there is no need to register however registration allows you to reply to ads through our messaging system.
Also, iruafia members can subscribe to e-mail notifications for ads with specific parameters. This benefit of being immediately informed about new ads allows them to promptly respond and get things they are interested in first.
3. What is the difference between account types?
With Free membership, you can set up custom notifications and submit ads to free Packages.
4. I have posted an ad but still do not see it online.
All ads are reviewed by our administrators within 24 hours. Your ad will appear online only after being reviewed and approved.